"Dijana Mesin-choreographer, photographer, dancer…

             HUNDRED FACES OF ONE WOMAN                 

…which with her Mediterranean pedigree, sparkling intelligence and stirring spirit of a continuous researcher, experience the world absorbing and capturing it with hard work, step by step.

Exactly at noon of sunny February day, attractive young women in cocktail dress drove to Bajamonti’s fountain on Split’s Riva and performed remake-scene from Fellini’s film La Dolce Vita, more persuasive and with much more temperament than legendary Anita Ekberg. That day in Split something really happen.
Who is that young brave, courageous, spirited daring, woman who performed something already seen, but with such charm and spontaneity, that even famous film diva could be envious.
To those among the representatives of the artist circles, her name is well known, because her all-around artistic versatility and unique approach toward everything she sets out to do, cannot be unperceivable, unnoticed.

She easily confused all those who believe that even God could not have more than two faces. Dijana has hundred of them…
While an actress turns into different characters on screen or on stage, Dijana’s appearance is rather opposite.
Life itself placed a number of characters in her personality, forming an exciting woman project.

Dijana is exactly that: integral, distinctive female project by degrees an eccentric example of Mediterranean species, characterized by unrestrained lion temperament and gorgeous beauty…
Marica Zanetic Malenica, Zaposlena Magazin, February 1999

Photo exhibition Faces and La Dolce Vita, opening performance  
* “Exhibition Faces is Dijana’s first independent photo exhibit featuring world’s biggest fashion industry names, shot in backstage… The exhibition reveals inaccessible details of the fashion world before and during the runway. That is why it is exclusive. Her next grand-scale exhibition that will potentially become a world phenomenon – Milan, Paris, New York...centered on a spiritual photo.”
Sasa Buric, Photo, February 1999

* “Unusual opening celebration of a photo exhibition…
For the first time ever, a Croatian photographer entered the backstage of Milan’s fashion runways and photographed the faces of Robert De Niro, Sophie Loren, Naomi Campbell, Giorgio Armani and many others.”
Slaven Relja, Jutarnji list, February, 1999

* “Donned in a full-length dress bare-footed, Split’s choreographer and make-up artist Dijana Mesin created a very impressive performance…La Dolce Vita…hot dance at 50 degrees…Famous artist symbolically opened her photo exhibition Faces
Marijana Kasalo, Slobodna Dalmacija, February 20, 1999

* “Dijana Mesin, Split’s choreographer and photographer opened her exhibition Faces beyond doubt a true event La Dolce Vita…Following a “spiritual purification” beneath the cold fountain’s water, wet and bare-footed, she strolled down the red carpet toward the photo gallery.”
Gordana Pahalic, Gloria, February 1999

* “With great courage and originality, Djana Mesin opened her photo exhibition Faces
With camera in hand, she studied contemporary dance and artistic make-up in Milan, Italy.”
Sandro Pogutz, Nedjeljna Dalmacija, February 26, 1999

* “Original…the most frequented exhibition of the recent years in Split…”
Marica Zanetic Malenica, Zaposlena, February 1999

Croatian Spring; The First Festival of Croatian Fashion Designers    

* “The atrium of Split’s legendary Banovina was too small to accommodate all who wish to witness the direction of Croatian fashion and bask in the unique fashion happening…Artistic director Dijana Mesin gave it her all, so that stage and set design, choreography, music and directing can truly be on the international level”
Sonja Braut, Gloria, April 1996

* “The biggest review of art and beauty that ever happened in the City of Split
Congratulations…very mindfully created…”
Nikola Majic, Panorama, April 1996

The First Mister Croatia, The Pageant

* “Dijana Mesin, the artistic director and creator of the entire event, exceeded all expectation…Fantastically imagined and prepared, artistic performance delighted the audience…Unforgettable.”
Maja Pejkovic Kacanski, Vecernji list, July 24, 1994

* “Anything other than an ordinary happening…Thanks to the efforts of the art director Dijana Mesin this event was truly an artistic show…
Natasa Skaricic, Slobodna Dalmacija, July 1994

The grand opening of famous fashion house Mura

* “Acknowledgement to Dijana Mesin, the author of the scenario and the entire fashion performance that has never been seen before in Split…”
O.I.Grizelj, Slobodna Dalmacija, February 14, 1998

Studio Cult 

* “Founder and director of Studio Cult is Dijana Mesin. By her work Studio Cult catapulted into the orbit of Yugoslavian Contemporary Ballet…”
G.D., Slobodna Dalmacija, March 1989

* “Studio Cult can be congratulated on the number of regional and national competition awards. Everywhere they were first…”
Azra Jaksa, Slobodna Dalmacija, 1995

* “Why Cult? It is entirely logical because they are cultivating the cult of quality with which they are heard throughout distant plains…”
B. Vukicevic, Nedjeljna Dalmacija, 1990

Make-up and special effects

* “Mighty contribution to the presented dreamland is the creation of masks, which author Dijana Mesin, is obviously ready for a fairy magic of the transforming physiognomies…

Definitely very impressive theatre…”
Anatolij Kudrjavcev, Slobodna Dalmacija, May 8, 1997

* “Thanks to the ultra violet lighting and new make up technique of Dijana Mesin, the illusion is perfect…”
Sylvie Geromey, Recontres Theatrales De Lion, March, 1998

Creation of performance (choreography, costume, hair, make-up)

* “Only Lukas was completely different and outstanding…creation of artist Dijana Mesin…The Best Stage Performance Award...”
Rikard Marusic, Slobodna Dalmacija, April, 1998
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